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  • I've created this portfolio to help you decide whether I'm the best wedding photographer in Ottawa for you.   

  • Throughout the past decade, I have photographed all kinds of wonderful weddings – including a few special moments during my own wedding day in 2015!

  • So, you can count on me to photograph your major life moments with the same degree of passion and energy as I did for myself, and together we will absolutely enjoy creating all the memorable images you want!

A passionate wedding photographer

Who photographed his own wedding day

Featured here is a picture of me photographing my amazing wife - Stéphanie - on our wedding day!    

As I created these pictures, it felt wonderful knowing that I could give my soulmate an enduring gift of photography — made by me — with the help of a tripod :). 

A picture of me photographing my wife during our wedding day

A seasoned photographer

Ready, willing and able to work with any kind of weather — rain or shine, day or night.

  • I have photographed wedding ceremonies in every season, and I love working with mother nature anytime of the year.   
  • If you're planning a winter wedding in Ottawa, then be sure to ask me about my grandma inspired tips and tricks to keep us warm and laughing out loud during our outdoor portraits.
A bride and groom hug each other during their portraits in the snow

Winter weddings

A groom carries his bride over a puddle

Spring weddings

A bride and groom ride their tandem bike into the summer sunshine following their ceremony

Summer weddings

A bride wearing red shoes poses in front of a autumn red tree with her groom

Autumn weddings

A thoughtful wedding photographer

With a discerning eye for seeing both the big picture and details wrapped in a moment

  • I love being a wedding photographer, and photographing moments that shine with "in-to-me-see!"  

  • Whether it be through a kiss, an embrace, a dance, a dip, a joke, a poke, or just picking up your bride so that she doesn't have to walk through a puddle - there's no shortage of lovely moments to photograph during a wedding!

  • Altogether, my photography style includes a nice blend of candid, composed and artistic images; working side-by-side with your ideas and offering plenty of my own to support you and exercise my creative license. I tend to prefer colour photographs a bit more than black-and-white, yet I'm comfortable with creating either. 

  • If you would prefer black and white tones, or sepia tones, then I can accommodate you.

  • I tend to prefer a more natural look-and-feel, sometimes referred to as a photojournalistic approach, but I'm equally skillful in creating composite images and applying enhanced visual effects with Adobe Photoshop. 

  • If you would like to replicate a particular visual effect that you've seen, then let me know and we can try to accomplish it too!

  • I like using every focal range between 11 mm and 400 mm. These days my work is increasingly using a 35 mm perspective, but once I get to know you and your preferences better, I can easily tailor my approach to accommodate your preferred viewing aspect.

  • The Bottom line: My discerning eye will most certainly find and create meaningful memories for you, and if there's anything symbolic in the frame of a photo that you want me to equally profile, then I will integrate it as well - it's that simple!

A bride and groom kiss in front of parliament hill

A kiss overlooking Parliament Hill

A bride and groom kiss under a veil

A kiss under a veil

A bride and groom show their affection for each other by connecting forehead to forehead

Forehead to forehead

A bride and groom lean against a tree for a kiss in Major Hill's park

A kiss at Major's Hill Park

A bride and groom kiss in a corn field

A kiss in a corn field

A groom dips his wife for a kiss on a golf course

A kiss on the golf course

A bride and groom stop for a kiss during their first dance

A kiss on the dance floor

A groom dips his bride for a kiss

A kiss with a big dip

A bride and groom pose next to rustic barn wood during their countryside wedding

Posing next to rustic barn wood

A bride plays on a swing while her groom holds her long veil

Having fun on a swing

A bride and groom leave the church with smiles and bubbles in the air

Leaving the church

Four groomsmen wearing kilts jump for joy on a dirt road

Jumping for joy with groomsmen

A wedding party take a fun pose in the snow

Celebrating in the snow


A warm embrace on a winter day


The first look on the wedding day


A Spring wedding with rain


A Winter wedding with snowflakes


An Autumn wedding with leaves


Next to a river's edge

A bride and groom stand on the beech of their cottage wedding

Intimate at the cottage lake

A bride and groom embrace each other with deep focus

In each other's arms

A bride and groom share a first kiss

The first kiss

A bride looks in the mirror one last time before her wedding ceremony

One last look in the mirror

A bride puts on her dress with the help of her bridesmaids

Putting on the dress

A bride and groom pose next to a childhood farm.

In each other's arms

A wedding dress hangs in the window

The dress

A bride walks down the isle

Coming down the isle

A bride walks down the isle

Coming down the isle

A bride and groom face their paster and a crucifix during their wedding ceremony

The ceremony

A bride and groom pose next to the water during a late evening sunset

Portraits by the water

A bride and groom kiss over a pedway

A kiss on a bridge

A bride and groom embrace next to the marina

At the marina

With smiles a bride and groom cut into their cake

Cutting the cake

A bride and groom take a moment to pause on a bench

Sharing a moment on a bench

A bride signs her name on legal documents

Signing papers

A groom signs his name on legal documents

And, signing more papers :)

Two blessed rings are presented on a gold chalice

The rings

A pastor blesses two rings held together by his index finger and thumb

The rings being blessed

A bride and groom light a candle during their religious ceremony

The ceremony, lighting of candles

His and hers rings are safely stored in a homemade keep-sake box

The rings in a keepsake box

A groom proceeds to place a ring on his brides finger

Putting on the rings

A bride and groom place their hands on a flower bouquet to profile their rings

The rings on your fingers

A bride paints her toes while her mother-in-law looks on with smiles

Getting ready:   Nails and Makeup

A bride and groom take a family portrait with their new in-laws

Group photos with the in-laws

A bride shows off her shoes as something blue and something new

The shoes and something blue

A mother pins a corsage on her son's lapel

Putting on the boutonniere

A lady performs an awesome hula-hoop dance to keep the bride and groom kissing for a while

Having fun on the dance floor

Family and friends gather to watch the first dance

First dance

The types of weddings I have photographed

Religious weddings

  • I have photographed religious ceremonies that were officiated by childhood pastors.
  • As a Roman Catholic, I am most familiar with the ceremonial traditions of Christian marriages, yet I would be honoured to photograph any other custom.
Religious wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

Civil weddings

  • I have photographed civil marriages at Ottawa City Hall that were officiated by justices of the peace.
Civil wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

Countryside weddings

  • I have photographed countryside weddings, where the first kiss literally went "off with a bang" - a gun shot bang!
Countryside wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

Backyard weddings

  • I have photographed backyard weddings, and unique cultural practices where one couple literally "tied the knot" with a Scottish hand-fasting, and another used her garden to create the flower arrangements!
Backyard wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

Cottage weddings

  • I have photographed cottage weddings, where the bride and groom celebrated an intimate ceremony with friends and family by the water.  
Cottage wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

Resort weddings

  • I have photographed resort weddings, steeped in Canadian heritage !
Resort wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

City park weddings

  • I have photographed weddings in city parks, where the bride did it her way by arriving on a bike and leaving on a tandem bike with her husband at the helm.
City park wedding photos by Jeffrey Meyer

LGBT friendly wedding photographer

I genuinely respect everyone. Although I have yet to photograph an LGTB wedding, I would be honoured to do so. In the past, I have photographed other LGBT events in Ottawa, such as the Ottawa Gay Men's Chorus 25th Anniversary.

Jeffrey Meyer is an LGBT friendly wedding photographer

Fully Insured

As a professional photographer, I carry business insurance that is fully underwritten by Desjardins.   Did you know: Most wedding venues require that photographers carry business insurance to work on their private property. No worries for me or you, however, as I’m fully covered and ready to work anywhere.


A contract to protect our mutual interests

As a professional photographer, I use a wedding contract based on common, easy-to-read language that documents our mutual understandings on the goods and services to be rendered for a fee.   Bottom line: You can trust me to perform my absolute best for you because that’s just how me and my camera click, and I'm proud to put that in writing!

The front page of my wedding contracts

Quality control

Results matter, and I greatly value quality control processes in my workflow to produce both expected and consistent outcomes. The calibrated camera equipment that I'll be using to photograph your wedding, and the licensed software that I use behind-the-scenes, is top-of-the-line and professional grade quality for producing picture-perfect moments!

Two quality control tools used in Jeffrey Meyer's photography

Quick turnaround service

My personal delivery service standard is to have all our pictures fully packaged and ready for you within 14 days of your wedding date (or sooner if humanly possible).

An arrow for symbolizing quick turn-around service times

Emergency Service

If you need a last-minute wedding photographer, and I'm available on the day of your wedding, then my camera and I are always ready to thrust into action at a moment's notice!   If you're pinched for time, then call me direct at anytime: 613-769-9451

An exclamation mark to profile Jeff's ability to support emergency wedding services
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